A modern music video workflow

Create video treatments and play music in one place. Separate your song into blocks with custom start and end times to save time scrubbing on set. Select a block and start shooting!

Start creating


Upload your music

When you create a new project, you upload the song that the music video will be set to.


Slice it up

Divide your song into smaller timecode blocks. Add notes and images.


Play what you need

Whether you're in pre-production or filming on set, simply choose a block or play the full song.

Essential features

For your ears only

Your audio files are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Only you and your collaborators can access them.

Collaborate with others

Share your project with a team member. You choose whether they can pitch in and make edits or just view your work.

Adjust playback rate

Slow down or speed up the song for easy slow-mo (or fast-mo) lip syncing.

Offline access

Coming soon

Pro feature

Communicate your vision. Win pitches.

Download your project as a PDF. It looks great on mobile, or you can print it out for quick reference on set.

Download sample

Fair pricing

Playback uses a pay-per-project system. No monthly subscription or extra fees. After you purchase a project slot, it's yours forever.



Take Playback for a spin. Limit 1 per account.


$10 one time

The clear choice for pro filmmakers.

Max. upload file size8 MB100 MB
Collaboration toolsNoYes
Download project as PDFNoYes
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A Discord for music video filmmakers

Join our community to connect with creators from all kinds of backgrounds. Share your work and ask questions. The Playback team is there to help!

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