Music videos made simple

Separate your song into blocks with custom start and end times to save time scrubbing on set. Just select a block and start shooting!

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Never miss a beat

Playback lets you organize your music video shoots ahead of time to avoid the hassle of scrubbing around on set. Just select a block, play it back, and capture the action.


Upload your music

When you create a new project, you upload the track that the music video will be set to.


Slice it up

Divide your song into smaller blocks, according to how you plan to shoot your music video.


Play what you need

When you're on set, simply choose a block, play it, shoot, and re-shoot as needed.


Adjust playback rate

Slow down or speed up the song for easy fast or slow-mo lip syncing.


Download as PDF

Download your blocks and their notes as a PDF, and then print them out for quick reference.

Simple pricing: buy once, no monthly cost

Your first starter project is on us. Subsequent pro projects can be purchased individually, for a one-time fee. Pay for a project once, and it's yours for life. Simple as that.

Starter project

Free (limit 1)

  • Sharing options disabled
  • 8 MB file size limit
Pro project

$5 one time

  • Share project with others
  • 50 MB file size limit
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